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4 Super Easy Ways to Start a Plant Hanger

You don't always need fancy rings for your plant hanger, BUT if you have some use them! Below I show you 4 easy ways to start a plant hanger with & without rings.

  1. An Overhand Knot

  2. A Wrap Knot

  3. A Wrap Knot Loop

  4. A Square Knot

There are SO many different and fun ways to start a PH (plant hanger) but here are 4 easy ways just to get started!

  1. The Overhand Knot: For this knot determine the # and length of the cords you need and find the middle- Now just make a big overhand knot leaving the size loop you would like. *Just make sure you keep all cords roughly the same length while tying the knot so some don't end up too short/long

  2. The Wrap Knot: For this PH I used a ring and folded all of my cords in half and pulled through the ring. For the Wrap Knot you'll need an extra 1-2ft long cord.

3. The Wrap Knot Loop method is using 2 wrap knots! First, find the center of your cords and with an extra cord (length depending on the size loop you'd like) make a straight wrap knot. Then fold this wrap knot bringing the two ends together creating a loop. Now you will tie a wrap knot around all of the cords underneath securing the loop you created.

4. The Square Knot is the easiest way to start a PH (in my opinion) if you have a ring or not. If you have a ring just pull all of your cords through the ring and take 1-2 cords from the left and right and create your square knot! So simple =) If you don't have a ring you can fold all of your cords in half and use all but 2 cord (or however many you'd like) to tie the square knot lower-leaving the un-tied cords as the loop. The un-tied cords will be secure when you start knotting your PH! (Hope this makes sense- I don't have a picture right now!)

And there you have it! 4 easy ways to start a plant hanger =) I hope this helpful!

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