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Macrame Toy Hammock

I was asked to create a custom toy hammock for a little girl's room! How cute, right? It's such a creative and fun way for kids to store their toys (& a reason to pick up and keep their rooms clean too ッ )

I love this DIY because it's easy to make it your own by changing the color, the details, and sizing. The basic layout to create this hammock is this: -Determine the size of hammock you'd like to make and determine the amount of rope needed

-Start by creating a net and a unique design at the bottom

-Gather the rope at the end to make the triangle shape of this hammock & Add details like tassels

*If you'd like to create the same hammock shown above here is the link to my pattern

The pattern provides step by step instructions, the amount/lengths of rope needed, & I've also provided the links to all of the materials I used to create this hammock

Tag me @tys_knots if you make it-I'd love to see your version & how it's being used!

Thanks for reading,

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