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5 Reasons Why I Macrame

  1. As a Creative Outlet - It's almost like a burning fire inside of me that needs to be put out. The need to create, the need to see an idea come to life, the need to work with my hands..the list goes on. I think that's called passion, or a part of it anyway. For me, the texture and repetitive technique of macrame draws me in. I learned in college (in a science lab I worked in) that I love repetitive tasks (perfecting techniques) and found myself landing a job in a lab creating products, working with my hands and perfecting many techniques-many would find too repetitive. It's no surprise I love macrame. Many fiber crafts are that manner the same, crochet, knitting, embroidery- it's meditative, which leads me to #2.

  2. Meditative - Macrame works my creative brain, but once in a middle of a project it clears my mind. I'm more of a "knot as you go" girl. The planning and drawing out of a project tends to bring out the anxious part of me. I start overthinking and in the end it becomes kind of stressful. So, picking up some rope considering the scale of the project I measure & cut, and just hope I cut enough for wherever that design takes me. I just start knotting and ideas start flowing.

  3. To work with my hands - I love creating and perfecting techniques, like I said before; but especially when it keeps my hands moving. I could get philosophical about it and say it's something about making that eye and hand coordination pathway stronger leading to a closer connection to the fiber. But, it's as simple as-I'm a busy body and when my hands are moving working on something I feel like I'm doing something and I am accomplishing something.

  4. A way to Connect- I love sharing this craft with others. Teaching has been my way to connect with other like minded people. I started teaching about a year after diving into macrame. I noticed I loved sharing tips and tricks I found along the way; so, I was eager to try and find how I could use this to connect with others. I also just moved to a new state so I didn't know many people. My first workshop changed it all - (dramatic I know) But, Wow! I met some great people that were active in our community which focuses on all things I love-crafts, plants, community support (basically community over competition kind of deal). I'm happy macrame provided a way for me to connect with such a positive group of like minded people.

  5. A Confidence Booster - Everyone is in search of something they are good at, right? It's a plus if you actually enjoy it. I finally found something, I believe, I am good at and's a boost in confidence knowing I can create something from nothing & it's as simple as that. It doesn't have to be a huge piece of art that everyone loves.

From an idea to reality --> we are all artist in our own right, in so many ways! From the way we look at the sky or landscape around us, to writing, to painting, to taking pictures, to styling our homes, to the way you read to your kid in funny voices - you have a different perspective than everyone else around you and that alone is enough- if you allow yourself to share that with others maybe that just provides Them a reason to call You an artist, but that's not needed.

This went deeper than just why I macrame, but I wanted to share my thoughts on how we are all so different. Tuning into your creativity, however that may be, could provide an amazing outlet for you and for others.

But that's Why I Macrame. Why do you do what You do?? What does your craft/ hobby or day to day tasks provide for you? Are you in search of something OR have you found That something? Share with me in the comments, I want to know what you think and why it is you do what You do =)

Thanks for reading,

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