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6 Creative Ways to Work on Macrame At Home

Getting started on a craft is hard enough, right? But, how about when you finally get all of your materials together & you're totally motivated to start & you realize you don't know where to hang you project or how to hold it in place so you can work on it! Been there & it's annoying and frustrating. That's why I put together these (maybe obvious) "around your home ideas" for you to get started!


Clipboards are great for small projects. You can clip the ring from a plant hanger or a dowel for a wall hanging. Plus it's portable so you can work from anywhere. *Cork pads are also a great option if you are working very detailed knots and want to use push pins to hold the cords our of your way.


Portable clothing racks are one of the best options for macrame! They are portable & affordable! It is also very useful that the rack height adjusts, so you can sit or stand while working. I got this one for about $13 here. Also, S hooks are a must have when macrame-ing.

3. YOUR CLOSET ROD If you don't have a clothing rack & don't want to purchase one, your closet works just the same (just not portable) . S-Hooks come in handy here as well.


Not all of our chairs are going to be the same of course, but hopefully it's easy enough to just place an S-Hook or two & start knotting. If not, you can tie a piece of cord around the chair and hang your S-Hook from the cord .


This method is probably the hardest to achieve because you have to attach it to the wall. But, if you plan on taking up macrame as a hobby I high recommend this method. (Let me now if you want a DIY post on this method!) The portable clothing rack is great, but I love working from my peg board! It's sturdier and I can hang so much all around me, I use hooks to hold cords out of the way, I can lower or move my project up as I work, and it provides a level working place so I can cut my hangings straight.

6. TAPE If all else fails and you want a quick way - you can just use tape! It's not the prettiest way, but it works! I always tape my tape down (see picture) because I am kind of rough and knot pretty tight, and I want to be able to tug on the rope. You can tape it down on a desk or on the wall. I use masking tape so it doesn't rip any paint or anything off the surface.

I hope these At Home ideas help you get started! If you've tried other ideas let me know so I can share them! And if any of these help you tag me on Instagram or Facebook @ty_knots so I can share =)

Thanks for reading!

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Wow, these are super-handy recommendations. I've been looking all over for this info. Thanks!

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